How we do it

Get ready for fresh and top-notch quality orders!

We use the latest cold chain technology to ensure that orders will always arrive fresh and of the highest quality. Our end-to-end solutions are custom-made to fit your every need no matter the weather or distance, while keeping our eco-conscious distribution channels intact.

Chilled last mile delivery process


Best in class chilled vehicles

Our ride is kool, trust us.
We exclusively use special diesel vehicles that emit fewer greenhouse gases than regular gas guzzlers. Plus, we're 10% more fuel-efficient than other companies.
Our refrigeration bodies are ATP certified - which is a mandatory requirement for transporting pharmaceuticals.
Our vehicles offer improved loadbay volumetrics and payload, allowing our operations to maximize vehicle utilization.

Tech enabled customer support

Our adoption of cutting-edge technologies provides us, our clients, and their clientele with instantaneous delivery updates.

  • Route optimisation feature enabling us to optimise vehicle utilisation and fuel consumption
  • Live delivery tracking via Whatsapp or SMS
  • End-to-end vehicle and temperature monitoring

Kool Box

is a tech-enabled chillbox with a chargeable battery. It is seamlessly integrated with the KoolApp, enabling users to effortlessly open, close, and oversee the temperature and battery levels of the box. Boasting sturdy handles on its sides, the KoolBox is perfect for picnics, ensuring the ideal freshness and temperature for a minimum of 7-9 hours. Trust us, this is not your ordinary chillbox.

Kool Academy

KoolKollekt has launched the Kool Academy since we started operating! This means all our drivers and customer service agents will go through a 5-day training course where we cover everything from food safety and pharma safety to basic customer service, communication skills and route optimization. We also make sure everyone knows the ins and outs of our vehicles and eCargo-Bikes, plus all the general regulations surrounding the unbroken cold chain.